DeFi game with crypto, NFT Marketplace and Open World

POG Coin
All operations in the game and ecosystem use POG.
NFT Marketplace
Single market for all servers, players create demand and supply
Cross Platform
Shared servers on different clients - PC, mobile, browser
Crafting & Mining
Earn coins for harvesting on the farm or mining ore in the caves. Craft your items from recipes.
Staking POG for getting unique NFT items
Social component to unite players and self-develop own community
Native token - POG Coin
In-game currency with its own ecosystem. NFT Marketplace, Staking, Mining, Reward etc. Based on Binance Smart Chain.
Blockchain More
Cross Platform
We know how important it is to stay in touch.
Play together from any device. Shared servers, global NFT Marketplace, various game mods and endless possibilities.